Products offered through Nutra Source Trading Company represent only those that promote good health and the sustenance of the environment because they are grown, processed or produced from environmentally low impact agricultural systems that strive for a balance with nature.

Core products include:

Soy on the Go Milk with Omega 3100% Organic Soy Milk


Organic Granola100% Organic Granola and Granola Bites


Sweetened Dried Tart CherriesDried Tart Montmorency Cherries


Olive Oil Kettle Style Potato ChipsNatural Olive Oil Kettle Potato Chips


Dried Cranberries


Dried Blueberries


Natural Lowfat Soy Crisps

Much like the organic farmer who works in great respect for and in harmony with the environment, we are committed to serving and working with you to provide your customers with healthy food choices that taste great at a price you and your customers can afford.


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